Preparing Your Scalp For Hair System Attachment

Preparing Your Scalp For Hair System Attachment

Does your hair system bond break down earlier than you'd like? No matter how strong your hairpiece tape or liquid adhesive is, your hair system won't stay strong if your scalp is not cleaned properly. In fact, even 1 part per million of adhesive residue that left behind on your scalp before attachment will prematurely weaken your bond.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below carefully to ensure your hair system is properly attached.

Begin by wiping all visible traces of hairpiece adhesive residue from the perimeter of your hair/head with a wet towel or mirco fiber cloth. Using a paper towel and adhesive remover (Pro Hair Labs Ultra Safe Adhesive RemoverC22 Citrus Solvent / Pure Adhesive Remover) rub vigorously untill the perimeter of your hair/head is clear of any residue.

Next wash your entire perimeter (head) area thoroughly at least two times. Thoroughly scrub your perimeter area with soap/deep cleaning shampoo (Pro Hair Labs New Dimension Dual Action Shampoo and Pro Hair Labs Remove-All Exfoliating Gel). Rinse and repeat 4-5 times. This will help ensure any trace of hairpiece adhesive residue is completely eliminated.

After washing, be sure to fully dry your perimeter area and if applicable your hair and scalp with a towel and/or blow dryer, removing all excess moisture.

We recommend that this would also be a good time to remove or shave any hair or stubble with an electric shaver (Just A Trim - Hair Trimmer) from the bonding area as you will get less wear time if the system is bonded onto natural baby hairs.

Next thoroughly cleanse the bonding area with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol/Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin Fresh-Clean Astringent/Isocol Rubbing Alcohol (99% Isopropyl Alcohol) and cotton pad. For best results repeat 2-3 times or until area is totally clean.

We highly recommend applying a layer of Skin-Shield/Scalp Protector (Walker Scalp Protector Dab-On) to your scalp (where you will be attaching your hair system). This will protect your skin as well as encourage better adhesion. It is important to allow the Skin-Shield/Scalp Protector to completely dry matte before moving onto the next step.

After you have completed the scalp preparation, and only after, you will then be ready to attach your hair system.

Walker Scalp Protector Thick Dab-On 1.4oz / 41.4ml

Walker Scalp Protector Dab-On 1.4oz / 41.4ml



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