How to select a wave & curl

Using the wave & curl chart below, compare to your growing hair and indicate your preferences. Most of our customers purchase straight bodywave and slight wave.  You can send us a picture of your natural hair and we will do our utmost to match it.

Straight Body Wave
Slight Wave
Medium Wave
Tight Wave
Loose Curl
Tight Curl


Other hair textures (for women's hair replacement only):

Yaki Hair Textures

Yaki is a texture created to resemble Black American and Afro-Caribbean hair. The texture is created by taking straight hair (Indian, Malaysian, etc.) and adding a micro kink texture to resemble African hair types. Yaki hair comes in a variety of textures. Yaki is not for Caucasian or Europeans.

Light Yaki or Yaki Straight

Yaki Straight has lighter a micro kink added to resemble relaxed or straightened hair. Light Yaki is straight hair without the silky shine. It is a softer version of regular or kinky yaki. The texture is similar to freshly permed/relaxed Black American hair.

Kinky Straight

Kinky Straight, also called yaki or regular yaki is a heavier kink texture that resembles hair that has not been chemically pressed but has been natural blown dried or lightly pressed.

Silky Straight

Silky Straight is straight, silky, smooth and shiny hair. Indian Remy silky straight hair dries with a slight wave after washing. Chinese Remy silky straight remains straighter, but is slightly coarser than Indian Remy hair. Chinese Remy does not hold curls as well as Indian Remy.


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