How to select a hair type

When it comes to choosing a hair type for your new hair replacement system, hair texture is the main consideration. At Precision Hair Plus, we offer the following hair types:

1. Genuine European Remy


This is the finest and highest quality human hair available for hair systems. Our European Remy hair is harvested from a person of European ancestry (mainly from Russia and Ukraine). It definitely looks better and healthier for a longer period of time than any other type of human hair and it also blends well with your own hair. Genuine European Remy hair is expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment in your appearance.

Hair colour is another important consideration when choosing a hair type. Most commonly used Indian and Chinese Remy are dark in colour. In order to create a light colour hair piece, for example, blonde, the hair will need to be lightened. Hair lightening is a chemical process for removal of some or all natural colour from hair. Excessive lightening has the side effect of raising of the cuticle, making the hair more porous. It is advisable that if you have light natural hair colour you should consider choosing Genuine European Remy hair where the hair is generally light in colour. Hence, less lightening process is required.

NOTE: Beware of any company that offers inexpensive "European hair" - there is no such thing. In most cases, it is Asian hair that has been highly processed and stripped to match the fine texture of European hair. It may look good when new, but it won't take long for it to lose its shine, become brittle and break off.

2. Indian Remy

This is the most commonly used quality human hair for hair systems. Our Indian Remy hair is harvested from a person of Indian ancestry. It has excellent shine and fine texture. It can be processed to match for Caucasian fine hair texture (often called "Euro Hair" or "European Grade Hair").

3. Chinese Remy

This is the strongest human hair available for hair systems. Our Chinese Remy hair is harvested from a person of Eastern Asian ancestry (mainly from China). It is an excellent option for both tight curls and perfectly straight hair.



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