Hair Replacement Systems, Appearance and Self Confidence

We live in world that worships and rewards physical beauty and attractiveness. This reality applies to males and females alike. It is a fact that our looks also influence the opinions that others form of us. Researchers Sigelman et al (1990) writes that some people benefit while others suffer from the tendency to associate physical attractiveness with desirable personal qualities – the assumption that “what is beautiful is good”.

Hair loss affects our appearance and can have associated and complex physiological effects, for example a loss of self confidence. For some people these experiences are more dramatic than for others. Various studies, for example the work undertaken by Canadian researchers Williamson, Gonzales and Finlay (2001) found that hair loss negatively impact on the quality of life of people even years after the hair loss problem started. Men and woman typically associate a full head of hair with youth and vigor. The researchers found that hair loss is associated with feelings of loss of self-confidence, low esteem and heightened self-consciousness, impacting on people’s daily lives, their work and even on their careers. The build-up of stress can lead to an acceleration of the problem. These impacts on people’s lives are common and can be particularly pronounced for those people affected by hair loss at a relatively young age or for people whose public image is important.

Despite so many great developments in medical sciences, there is still no permanent cure for hair loss due to genetic or hormonal causes. Treatment options to reduce or block the formation of testosterone on the hair follicle may help some people and this can be applied either as a topical preparation (minoxidil) applied to the scalp twice daily or as a pill containing finasteride (Aging & Elderly Health Week, 2005). Hair loss and stem cell research is ongoing but experts suggest that it may still take many years for a breakthrough. Hair transplants are another option but there are risks associated with the procedure.

The good news is that there are hair replacement systems available for those people who truly want to restore their youthful appearance or possibly even enhance it! Today’s hair system design and manufacturing technology is so advanced that these systems are truly undetectable even if your hair is inspected at a very close distance. This is possible by accurately replicating your natural hair colour, texture, density, hair pattern, graying scale and cut-in techniques. The underlying lace which attaches to the scalp is so thin that it is practically invisible. Simply put, a hair replacement system is a sustainable and cost efficient solution to hair loss problems and a way for you to restore you image and self confidence. Hair systems allow you to continue to live as normal as the systems are fit for most environments – even swimming!

Hair Systems, Appearance and Self Confidence        Self confidence is about how you see yourself!

A hair replacement system is a safe and sustainable solution as you can replace the system with a new one every few months to ensure you look your best. A good tailor made and cut-in hair replacement system provides you with an undetectable and permanent solution which you can fit in the privacy of your own home. There is however in my experience an initial physiological barrier to overcome - being the idea of wearing “something” on your head with an associated fear that something may go wrong or that it may not be truly undetectable. These fears are real and understandable but are technically groundless. Practical ways to work though this initial barrier and to build your self confidence is to:

  • Purchase a high quality tailored made hair system from a reputable supplier
  • Ensure the system is a cut-in system or ask for assistance with a cut-in service if it is your first system
  • Invest in three or four large mirrors and mount them permanently in a location (e.g. bathroom) to give you full visibility around your head
  • Ask your partner or trusted friend to inspect the system throughout the day and to point out if any improvement in the cutting or fitting is required. You will probably find that you will repeatedly seek this confirmation from your friend or partner during the initial days/weeks. Prepare your partner or friend for this as reassurance is important to you in building self confidence.
  • Wear the system in a variety of situations – e.g. riding a bicycle, go for a jog or sleeping. Inspect the system afterwards to prove to yourself that the system remains undetectable and naturally looking.
  • For your first experience wear the hair replacement system in a foreign place e.g. when you go on holiday where nobody knows you. You will find that after a while the wearing of the system becomes completely natural – like wearing a hat!

The above tips can help you to build your self confidence as you come to understand the technical fitness of a good hair replacement system. You will find your self esteem will improve and you will feel more self confident. In short, you will become the old you before the hair-loss troubles started.


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