About Us

precision hair plus studio

Precision Hair Plus is an Australian hair replacement business located in Melbourne. We specialise in undetectable hair systems for men and women with perfectly natural hairlines. High-profile people such as CEOs and celebrities are frequently clients of hair loss treatment centers and they typically choose quality toupees and hairpieces such as ours. These systems are then custom fitted and blended in with their natural hair.

At Precision Hair Plus our aim is not only to provide you with a hair system, but a system that is durable, looks natural and is totally undetectable. Our systems can be as stylish and contemporary as you want them to be - to make you feel totally confident that you are looking at your best!

Working closely with our specialist manufacturer, we have full control over system designs, materials sourcing, production time and most importantly - product quality and customer service. Specifically, our hair replacement systems are custom-made from the finest human hair and base material. Each hair piece undergoes strict quality control when it arrives at our studio to ensure that it is free from any defects fully meet our high standards of aesthetic appeal. Importantly, we also verify that the system will fully meet its functional design parameters.

We provide our customers with the highest quality hair systems at surprisingly competitive prices. We hope that your complete satisfaction with our products and services will keep you as a loyal customer and that you will recommend us to your friends.